Central States Chapter Candidates

First Vice Chair: Jill Robbins*

As the First Vice Chair of SATW’s Central States Chapter, I would treat my obligation to stand in for the Chair and serve the chapter in my position as an honor and an opportunity to serve my fellow travel professionals. In my two years as an SATW member, I’ve made deep connections with editors, writers, and tourism experts worldwide.

I’m a newer SATW member but not new to leading teams. I served in the United States Air Force for 26 years and retired as Chief Master Sergeant. I’m familiar with and comfortable with leading people and managing resources. I also know how to be a team member and a good follower, and it’s difficult, if not impossible, to be a strong leader without those attributes.

Being an SATW member has elevated me professionally. I want to give my time to keep moving the organization forward and fostering those professional relationships within the Central State’s Chapter.

As an SATW member, I have been active in my chapter and have attended one national conference, Milwaukee. I’ve accessed professional development opportunities and participated in the virtual networking offered. I advocate the benefits of membership wherever I can, and I want to add my knowledge and skills to serve my chapter and the organization.

I’m a strong communicator and a believer in community for writers and would work to maintain the groundwork the current chapter officers have established. I’d welcome the opportunity to be the primary site inspector for future chapter meetings and events. I have a good read and what type of partnership and communication are needed to select a destination that will best serve our organization while benefiting the community of the host destination. I am excited about and up for that task, and like most travel writers, I am always ready to travel.

As the first vice chair, one of my duties would be to stand in for the Chair in their absence. I understand that the chapter or the council may assign other duties to me.

I’d welcome the opportunity to be the Central States Chapter’s First Vice Chair and be a more active part of your team. Thank you for considering my interest in this position.