SATW Affinity Groups

Attendees from the 2022 SATW Convention in Bogotá

Affinity Groups are a way like-minded individuals in SATW can connect. Sometimes it can be difficult or challenging to meet in person due to current events, geographical distance or budget concerns. An Affinity Group is an informal network of professionals who share a common interest and wish to share knowledge or engage in community building. Affinity Groups are a member benefit afforded to current SATW members.

An SATW Affinity Group is not…

A group is not a chapter or council. It does not operate as an independent legal entity. It does not require bylaws or elections. It does not have bank accounts.

Who can establish an SATW Affinity Group?

Any current SATW member can establish an Affinity Group. Examples of possible groups include BIPOC, LGBTQ, Family, Podcast, Women, Photography, Asian, Disability, RV, Cruise, etc.

All Affinity Groups must comply with Society rules, ethics and Code of Conduct.

What is required to establish an SATW Affinity Group?

To establish an SATW Affinity Group, a current SATW member must provide the following:

a)   A SATW Affinity Group application completed and signed by a primary leader and co-leader who agrees to assume leadership in the absence of the primary leader

b)  Brief statement articulating the purpose of the group

c)   Signatures (or electronic equivalent) of at least 5 current SATW members interested in Affinity Group membership

You can complete the application form here

SATW staff will forward the application to the Volunteer Committee Chair or designee. They will review the application to confirm that the 5 interested parties are all current SATW members. The Volunteer Committee Chair or designee will then submit the application to the President for final approval.

Once it is confirmed that the proposed community meets the stated criteria, the Volunteer Committee Chair or designee will inform Headquarters to initiate the creation of a Basecamp Group and a mutually agreed upon time for Zoom meetings (if needed). The Volunteer Committee Chair will announce the establishment of the new group in an upcoming newsletter and invite other members to join if they share that interest or affinity.

The Volunteer Committee Chair will document the establishment of the new community in their board reports and maintain a list of current Affinity Group communities.

Questions? Reach out to [email protected].