2019-2020 Associates Council Candidates

Vice Chair

Kay Maghan

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Why I am qualified to serve as a voice for our associate members as Vice-Chair of the Associates Council:

  • 2019 Interim Vice-Chair, SATW Associates Council
  • 2019 Professional Development Co-Chair, SATW Annual Convention – El Paso
  • 2018 & 2019 Administrator, SATW Central States Writing & Photography Contest
  • 2015 Professional Development Co-Chair, SATW Annual Convention – Las Vegas
  • 2013 Local Host Committee, SATW Annual Convention – Mississippi Gulf Coast
  • 2012 Chair, PRSA Travel & Tourism Section
  • 2005 – 2013 Board Member, PRSA Travel & Tourism Section

My first interaction with SATW was in 2013 when I served on the local host committee for the annual convention in my hometown of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. For several years, I heard my PR peers in the travel and tourism industry talk about the great relationships they were able to build with leading travel journalists through this organization. Attending the receptions and leading a “Sweets Tour” as a local host that year, I finally saw first-hand that closeness and camaraderie I had been hearing about and joined SATW in 2014. As you can see from the list above, my five years as a member have been very involved.

As the world of travel journalism has been changing; the world of public relations professionals has been changing right along with it. Add to this kerfuffle (I have always wanted to use that in a sentence) the adjustments SATW is making to become more streamlined and adaptable, and the importance of seasoned, experienced leadership for our Associate members is all the more vital. Associates bring immense value and impact to SATW – financially through our dues structure and sponsorships, as trusted sources for active members, and as volunteers serving the organization. My broad experience in leadership of the PRSA Travel & Tourism Section means I bring a strong understanding of the SATW/PRSA history and relationship, I know first-hand how a professional association must adapt to better meet the needs of its members, and I know how to be a strong voice and champion for our industry.

I would greatly appreciate your support and getting to serve you, my PR peers.
Vote #YAYforKay

Stephanie Selk

I am currently Travel Portland’s Domestic PR Manager and have been a public relations professional for 12 years working primarily in lifestyle, food and travel PR. I was honored to be nominated for the SATW Associate Council Vice Chair position. Since joining Travel Portland three years ago, I have found the relationships I developed in SATW to be among the most valuable of my entire career. I would be honored to represent my fellow associates as the and look forward to becoming more involved in the organization.


Ken Sloan