Since tourism The Associates Council provides public relations professionals in the tourism industry the opportunities to network one-on-one with high-level journalists and PR colleagues.

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The following are guidelines for Associate membership – our name for publicists who professionally engaged in public relations within the travel industry who work regularly with the media.

Associate membership in SATW is limited to those persons professionally engaged in media relations within the travel industry and working regularly with the media. 

According to the Society bylaws, the number of Associate members in the Society must always be less than the number of Active members. Thus, there could conceivably be a time when Associate Membership will not be available to new members.

Individual Associate Membership 

Associate members who join as individuals must submit a letter of employment verification that includes:

  • Job title
  • Tourism entity or entities you (the applicant) represent

An individual Associate membership stays with the member, not the employer. It is not transferable.

Individual Associate Membership Application Fee: $50 US
Individual Associate Membership Annual Dues: $390 US