2020-2021 Canadian Chapter Candidates


Gillian Hall

I was delighted to be asked to run for Chapter Treasurer. I am passionate about SATW and being involved. I’ve been a member for the past eleven years and have held several volunteer positions. Since joining in 2009, I previously served two terms as Canadian Chapter Treasurer, the Co-Director for the monthly Ontario Region luncheons since 2010, and for many years the Chapter Meeting Planner. For the past two years I have also served as Associate-at-Large. It is an honor and a pleasure to assume this position at this time.


Carolyn Ray

In 2019, I fulfilled a long-time dream of becoming a travel publisher when Evelyn Hannon and her daughter Erica Ehm asked me to take over JourneyWoman, the women’s travel magazine Evelyn founded in 1994. I believe that JourneyWoman – and travel – is a platform for female empowerment, and am honoured to extend Evelyn’s legacy and inspire the next generation of women on their journey of self-discovery.


Carol Patterson

I love writing about wildlife and great nature destinations. I’ve been published in National Geographic, CanGeoTravel, BBC, The Daily Beast, WestJet, Fodor’s Travel, BBCTravel and others. On media trips you’ll find binoculars packed next to my notebook and cameras, and on my phone are apps to identify birds and animal tracks or scat. You’d be amazed at how often bird poop leads to a good story!


Before picking up a pen, I was a professional accountant creating budgets and financial reports, and figuring out where organizations made money. I’ve sat on several boards including a stint as Chairman of the Board for the Calgary Zoological Society with an annual operating budget of $12million (at the time), the Travel Media Association of Canada (Alberta Chapter), Watchable Wildlife Inc., Calgary Humane Society, and Swift Fox Reintroduction Society. I have overseen master plan development, executive replacements, and revenue enhancement strategies. I can offer SATW skills in reinvention and figuring out the next steps in tumultuous times.


I believe coronavirus will cause each of us to reexamine our relationship to travel and I look forward to helping people rediscover their joy in exploring places that matter.


Paule Bergeron

Please allow me to introduce myself for the position of SATW Canadian Chapter Associate at Large for the upcoming election. I am a Press Relations Account Executive with Québec City Tourism. For over 20 years, I have been hosting media representatives in Québec City and attending conferences and media marketplaces.


PR is so much more than public relations and press relations. For me it is personal relations. Relationship, collaboration and partnership is at the center of my daily work. Québec City Tourism has hosted travel industry conferences in the past: NASJA – North American Snowsports Journalists Association, TMAC – Travel Media Association of Canada and WITS – Women In Travel Summit. As the main conference host, I have acquired valuable experience in managing a budget and coordinating with suppliers and guests in making a great conference.


When Anna Hobbs suggested I join the Board as Associate at Large, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to SATW in a positive way. It would be an honor to be the voice of my fellow Associates and to work closely with dedicated professionals in the growth of our organisation. Québec City Tourism supports my application and I would make myself available to participate actively in the executive meetings and physically attend on as many occasions as my work may allow. Thank you for your consideration.

Heather MacDonald-Bosse

I am delighted to let my name stand for the position of Canadian Chapter Associate at Large for the SATW. In the 11 years that I have been privileged to represent the province of New Brunswick as the travel media relations specialist for the United States (and now for Canadian media as well), no organization has been more important—or more productive—for me than SATW. It only seems right that I offer to serve the organization, having gained so much from my membership through the years.


It is also important to have representation from smaller destinations, to ensure that we truly reflect the diversity of our Associates council. Being part the small shop at Tourism New Brunswick and representing a bilingual province in Atlantic Canada means that I have been involved with most of the key operations undertaken by DMOs of any size. Having watched the changes in the SATW organization with interest, I am aware that these periods of growth can be disruptive to many, even while they are necessary to make progress and adapt to new realities. I believe that SATW will survive (and thrive!) as a result of being able to change, despite some growing pains.


Throughout, we need to ensure that the unique needs of Canadian members are recognized and accommodated. Above all, I value the relationship-building and growth inherent in SATW membership, as these are the factors that generate the media results that are beneficial to all. I foresee that we will need to leverage our relationships in creative ways as we navigate the post-COVID-19 media and travel landscape. I look forward to this challenge, and vow to do my best to represent our diverse group of Canadian Associates as we do so.