2021-2022 Canadian Chapter Candidates


Martha Chapman

As a longtime member of SATW, both as an Associate and an Active, I have had the pleasure of serving the Society in a number of roles. These include two terms on the Board of Directors in At-Large positions as well as Secretary and now Vice-Chair of the Canadian Chapter Executive. I also am current editor of the Maple Leaf.


There is no doubt that these are challenging times for SATW and its members and I would make it my goal to continue our efforts to attract and retain Canadian members through PD, sharing and fellowship. I hope I can count on your support and hope to meet you in person in the not-too-distant future!

First Vice Chair

Carolyn Ray


Laura Byrne Paquet

Since joining SATW 20 years ago, I’ve served on the national membership committee and attended a number of national conventions, as well as several chapter and council meetings. I have benefited greatly from my SATW membership—not least by developing great relationships with many Canadian Chapter members—and I would welcome the opportunity to give back in a small way by serving as Canadian Chapter Secretary.


Debra Corbeil