2022-2023 Digital Publishers Council Candidates

Lina Stock

Running for First Vice Chair


I am the founder of a multi-award-winning travel blog and have been a professional content creator, blogger, and digital publisher for 9 years. I’ve been a member of SATW since 2017 and undertook a leading role in the creation of the Digital Publishers Council. I bring a depth of knowledge in the blogging industry and can provide a balanced view of what the industry needs to advance and grow in today’s landscape. My goal is to utilize my knowledge and skills to ensure events are organized and held that will benefit the members of the DPC professionally.

Eileen Gunn

Running for Second Vice Chair


The Digital Publishers’ Council is young and evolving as is its place in the larger SATW organization. I look forward to playing a role in shaping that evolution and growth. I hope to also have the opportunity to play a role in communicating the needs and value of the DPC members to the larger organization.

Lindsay Nieminen

Running for Secretary/Treasurer


With a focus on adventurous family travel and culturally rich destinations, Lindsay Nieminen carefully crafts inspirational stories and informational pieces to help others see the world. She is passionate about showing others that they should not put off traveling the world just because they have young children or are single parents. She aims to encourage them to seek out adventure, whether it is at home or abroad, by providing information on how just about everywhere can be a destination to explore as a family.

Lindsay often works with brands and destinations focused on brand awareness and inspiring readers to add her adventures to their own bucket lists! Her websites include an Adventurous Family Travel Site (https://carpediemourway.com), Step into Jordan about Travel in the Middle East (https://stepintojordan.com) and Uncovering British Columbia (https://uncoveringbc.com)