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“Located in AKM, the heart of the city’s cultural and artistic life, Biz Istanbul aims to keep the forgotten values of Istanbul cuisine and eating and drinking habits alive within the framework of cultural sustainability by transferring the ancient food culture of the city to future generations.”

Honored with an award in the Gault & Millau İstanbul selection in the Traditional Cuisine category,”

“Unique flavors adjacent to the clear blue of the Bosphorus, overlooking the white foamy waves of the dark blue waters; It continues to be presented by skillful hands in the sophisticated atmosphere of Navy Blue. Receiving an award in the Seafood category in the Gault & Millau Istanbul selection, one of the world’s most distinguished restaurant rating guides, Lacivert fascinates its guests with a different view of the Bosphorus during the day and at night.”

“Turkish and Ottoman cuisine, renowned for its richness, stems from the diverse regions once under Turkish rule. Stretching from the Danube to the Balkans, the Arabian Peninsula, and northern Africa, this cuisine uniquely blends a myriad of cultural flavors.”

Listed in the Michelin Guide and Gault & Millau İstanbul selection


Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant – Gault & Millau Turkey (gaultmillau.com.tr)

“Fire is one of the biggest symbols representing knowledge, power and light in mythological narratives. In human story, it is a key discovery, a driving force to shape our cultures, our beliefs, our world.

Okra brings the cuisine of the Mediterranean, where these stories sprouted, to the focus of fire, and it does so in the heart of Istanbul.”

Gault & Millau İstanbul selection


“At Seraf, we strive to bring to our table the dishes of civilizations that passed through Anatolia, as faithfully as possible. According to us, a dish does not have a nationality, but a geography. Because every cuisine carries the traces of all cultures that have come and gone throughout history from the region it originated from. It spreads to neighboring lands with migrations, merges with their cuisines, interacts, and enriches.”

Both Seraf Vadi and Seraf Mahmutbey restaurants are in the Michelin Guide. Also Seraf Mahmutbey is listed under Gault & Millau İstanbul selection




“Pera 77, nestled in the artistic and historic heart of Istanbul, is a stage that pulsates with the energy of jazz… Celebrate life with good food, jazz, and world grooves.”

“Madera which takes its inspiration from the fire and nature which are the resource of the cuisine and the taste, started to welcome its guests on 24 November in Maçka.

Authentic yet non-traditional way, offering a creative and multi-alternative menu, large wine cellar, delicious cocktails, sunday brunch, with its stylish ambiance and DJ performances becomes one of the most special experience points of the city.”

” Feriye,with its central location, accessibility by land and sea, green area and airy halls overlooking the sea, was restored by Kabataş Eğitim Vakfı (Education Foundation) in 1995 and opened as Feriye Lokantası. In addition to Lokanta Feriye, which is included in the Michelin 2023&2024 and GaultMillau Guides, where Istanbul flavors are offered to visitors, its café called Cream&Sugar, also a c-paces brand, continues to function as a socializing space with event venues and interactive areas.”

“Restaurant Modern, part of the c•paces Group offers a contemporary dining experience inspired by the culture, art, and history of Istanbul. With its experienced kitchen team led by Executive Chef Tuğçe Mirza Canik, it offers its guests refined tastes with seasonal menus created with local ingredients and modern touches, while promising an experience-oriented restaurant that offers the most delicious examples of Mediterranean and Contemporary Turkish Cuisine. An important and indispensable meeting & socializing point of the city with its pleasant and dynamic music concept, an extensive wine cellar offering wines produced from grapes grown on Anatolian soil, carefully prepared delicious cocktails that can be enjoyed any time of the day.”

“Serving with the concept of fine dining since 2007, Topaz Istanbul welcomes its guests in Gümüşsuyu with its comfortable and modern design, dining hall and lounge, accompanied by a magnificent Bosphorus view, as well as its new cocktail bar located against the Bosphorus view and its terrace in the greenery.

The music is coordinated by Fırat Tunçbaş in the venue where DJ performances are held every day.

Topaz’s cuisine, which is dominated by the Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine, is entrusted to Tevfik Alparslan.”

“29, one of Istanbul’s esteemed culinary destinations, brings its refined dining style together with its patrons against the backdrop of a magnificent and unique Bosphorus view. Recognized by the prestigious Michelin Guide Recommendation List and honored with the Gault & Millau Gourmand Table ‘Modern Cuisine’ category award, 29 continues to be the iconic address of the city with its meticulous and innovative top-notch service quality.”

“Designed by one of the most important architects of the period Dr. Rebii Gorbon in the 1940’s after winning the competition by the Ministry of Economy and Istanbul Port Management, Karaköy Passengerwith its delicious menu, flawless service, elegant presentation, and the strong bond it built with its guests. “

Gault & Millau İstanbul selection