2022-2023 Editors Council Candidates

Melissa McGibbon

Running for Chair


I have been serving on the Editors Council for several years and would like to continue my service. I’ve had a great experience working alongside the current chair, Lydia Schrandt and have learned a great deal from her. I feel it’s part of my duty as an SATW member to support the community in any way that I can and filling the role as Chair would be an honor. I also participate on other committees, such as membership and communications, and believe it’s helpful to be involved in the organization in many capacities to help it thrive.

Roger Rapoport

Running for First Vice Chair


I am currently the first vice-chair of editor’s council. I have been working to organize the first editor’s council since 2019. After our event in Cooperstown didn’t work out I reached out to Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is now sponsoring this event in July thanks to the hard work of Lydia Schrandt. I am organizing the professional development sessions. This has given me an opportunity to work with SATW editors c to make sure that this annual meeting is a success in the years ahead. Although our virtual meetings have gone well, I’m excited about working with editor’s council to make sure that we connect effectively with all SATW members. A key goal is recruiting new members who have promising ideas for SATW.

Suzie Dundas

Running for Second Vice Chair


HI SATW members! I’m Suzie, and I’m a freelance writer, editor, and author, as of 2021. I’m the outdoor editor at Matador Network, where I cover all things adventure travel: scuba diving and hiking, national parks, sustainability, sports, eco-lodges, beaches and islands, and more. I’m also an ongoing contributor at Popular Mechanics and TripSavvy, and recent outlets include AFAR, Outside, TheKnot, and more.

I live in a remote area (Lake Tahoe) and while I love it, I miss opportunities to meet and work with my fellow writers and editors. I’d love to get to know the SATW team more by helping out on the editor’s council as second vice chair and, hopefully, helping to plan new ways to both help members network and develop additional career skills.

Like probably most of you, I work from home, so my schedule is pretty flexible when it comes to meetings, events, and helping out. I’m happy to lend any knowledge, skills, or time I can offer to SATW and look forward to hopefully helping the organization and its members succeed in the next few years. I’m happy to answer any questions or connect with anyone curious to learn more — just shoot me a note at [email protected] Thanks!”

Bailey Berg

Running for Second Vice Chair


I’m hoping to become more involved with SATW.

Jan Schroder

Running for Treasurer


I have served as treasurer of the Editors Council for the past two years. Although we were not able to host in-person events, I have enjoyed working with the other board members on planning for future events and developing and hosting Happy Hours to keep our members engaged.


I’ve been a travel writer for more than 20 years and a member of SATW and Editors Council for 10. During that time, I’ve attended several regional, national and Editor Council conventions and served on a committee that explored the purpose and future of Editors Council. I really enjoy being a part of this active and engaged community and would like to continue to contribute to it.