Facts Regarding Registering for Meetings

  • FLC meetings are open only to FLC members.  We do not extend invitations to other councils or chapters to fill open spaces.  We do not permit guests, including spouses or children. 
  • Unfortunately, most of the time there is no guarantee that you can attend an FLC meeting.  We did have an exception to this a few years back when we had our meeting in Israel and were told by our host that all who signed up could attend.  Usually we are given a maximum number.
  • If the meeting is oversubscribed, we use a name-draw to select those who will attend.  We continue with the name-draw to form a waiting list that includes everyone who registered.  Usually, with drop-outs, everyone winds up going, but our council has become so large that this might not continue into the future.
  • A new FLC policy beginning with the Trinidad meeting is that anyone who applies for the meeting and is put on the waiting list, and is ultimately not selected, will be at the top of the acceptance list for the next meeting.  Note that this means that if you are selected to go and then drop out, OR if you are on the waiting list and you decline to go when your name comes up, you lose your place.  If you choose not to attend the next meeting, you do not retain a place; it does not carry over beyond one meeting.
  • We try to keep registration open for at least a week, so those of you who are traveling have a chance to get to a computer.
  • You are usually responsible for air costs to the gateway cities.    
  • It makes sense not to solicit an assignment until you are sure you are going, or to let your editor know there is a chance you might not go.