Revised August 2018


The Freelance Council Chair oversees all activities related to the Council.

Primary Duties

  • Attends both the SATW board meeting held during the annual Society convention and the SATW mid-year board meeting (typically held in the period of January through March). The Chair’s role on the SATW Board of Directors is to represent the voice of the Freelance Council membership and to stand up for the Council’s interests.
  • Compiles and submits reports on the Council’s activities to the SATW Board of Directors.
  • Conducts Council business meetings (at the annual Society convention, and at Council destination meetings). Prepares the agenda for these meetings.
  • Signs Letters of Intent and Letters of Agreement (contracts) related to Council destination meetings.
  • Maintains and adds information to the Freelance Council section of the Society website.
  • Sends out periodic e-blasts informing members of current news.
  • Reviews the By-Laws and Operations Manual annually and strives to keep Council operations in line with them.
  • Appoints a bi-annual Elections Committee, and maintains a list of members who express interest in running for Board positions.
  • Acts as back-up to Secretary for Freelance Council Facebook group.

The duties of the Council officers are ultimately at the discretion of the Chair.  Council officers will perform such other duties as requested by the Chair.


The First Vice-Chair is primarily responsible for arranging the professional development (P.D.) programs for Council meetings.  This officer shall assume the duties of the Chair when the Chair is unavailable, including taking the Chair’s place on the Society’s Board of Directors.  In the event the Council Chair cannot serve out their term, the First Vice-Chair assumes the Chair’s job.

Primary Duties

  • Arranges professional development programs for Council meetings.
  • Applies for Opportunity Funds from SATW Headquarters.


The Second Vice-Chair’s primary responsibility is site selection and meeting management for Council meetings.

Primary Duties

Site Research and Selection

  • Solicits the name(s) of potential site hosts from Council members.
  • Contacts potential hosts to gauge interest in hosting the Freelance Council membership.
  • Negotiates the date and length of Council meetings, being sure to confirm with SATW headquarters the availability of the dates.
  • Works directly with the host/destination representative, Council Chair, and SATW attorney to complete documents (Letter of Intent and Letter of Agreement).
  • Drafts communications regarding meetings for Chair to use in member e-blasts.
  • Coordinates with SATW headquarters to update Society website with meeting information once site selection is complete and meeting itinerary is available; communicates registration form needs to SATW headquarters, etc.

Meeting Planning

  • Works directly with the host/destination representative on itineraries for core meeting and pre- and post-trips.
  • Conducts site visit prior to Council meeting to help finalize itinerary to members’ needs (optional).
  • Works with Second Vice-Chair/PD and host/destination representative re. the needs of speakers and format of P.D. on site.
  • Obtains on a regular basis updated attendee lists from SATW headquarters, the host, or whoever is in charge of registration.
  • Finds tour captains for all pre- and post-trips and day tours.
  • Approves all itinerary changes and ensures the information is communicated out to attendees.
  • Arranges for gifts for people who need to be recognized at meeting.

Meeting Management

  • Serves as primary Council contact/liaison for host destination representatives.
  • Assists host/destination representatives with logistics as necessary.
  • Conducts daily housekeeping announcements.
  • Troubleshoots as necessary.


The Secretary’s primary responsibility is to take minutes at all Council meetings.

Primary Duties

  • Submits finalized minutes to the Chair and to the Board to review and approve.
  • Emails a welcome letter to new Council members that explains Council functions and activities.
  • Handles Council correspondence.
  • Provides Council membership data at Council meetings.
  • Serves as administrator and moderator for Freelance Council Facebook group. Monitors requests for Facebook group membership.Chair assists as back-up.


The Treasurer’s primary responsibility is to oversee the Council receipts and disbursements.

Primary Duties

  • Prepares financial reports and presents them to Council members at meetings and at Society conventions.
  • Maintains and interprets current reports from headquarters of income and expenses.
  • Presents financial reports to the Council Board members.
  • Maintains list of SATW codes for use in applying for reimbursements.
  • Sends the names of Clips for Cash winners to SATW headquarters for payment.
  • Contacts headquarters as needed for information regarding Council financial statements.
  • Pursues sponsorship opportunities.