Bloggers Sub-Council
The Bloggers Sub-Council is a community for members of all SATW councils who own and publish independent travel blogs and websites.  Whether you are the exclusive blogger for your site, or if you own a blog site with multiple contributors or occasional guest bloggers, you are welcome to join. 

Our private Facebook Group page–SATW Bloggers (to join, go to The Facebook Page is a place where SATW independent bloggers can:

  • Help answer each other’s questions about all things travel blogging    
  • Share resources and recommendations
  • Grow our networks

In the future, we’ll also be adding some weekly sharing opportunities and follow-a-thons for those who want to participate, and expanding out through some other social media channels. Members of this sub-council retain their membership in their own council.

Contact:  Shelly Rivoli/Director, [email protected]

Photographers Sub-Council
The Photographers Sub-Council was created to provide a community and a voice for the members of the Freelance Council who primarily earn their livelihood from photography. The sub-council is open to FLC members who consider themselves photographers first.  Sub-council members may also write, but they should be involved in marketing their images independent of their own stories as well.

The Photographers Sub-Council will work with PD committees to help identify professional development sessions geared toward professional photographers, as well as assist with itinerary development, where appropriate, to ensure meeting schedules meet photographers’ needs.

The sub-council’s Muster Liaison will provide support for the SATW Bill Muster Photo Competition by working with SATW headquarters and the competition judges to ensure a consistency of process and to maintain the high quality standards that the awards deserve. Members of this sub-council retain their membership in the parent Freelance Council.

Contact:  Michael Snell, [email protected]