The Freelance Council provides a forum for discussion among freelance travel journalists, works to enhance the role of the freelancer in the field of travel communications, and raises skill levels through professional development seminars.



You are applying for an Active Freelance membership of SATW.

Your one-time non-refundable application fee of US$100 and your first year dues of US$175 is required when you apply for membership for a total of $US$275. Your application will be reviewed by the SATW membership committee and you will be notified within 3-4 weeks. Once approved, you will be given access to the wonderful benefits of SATW. If your membership is not approved, the annual dues will be refunded. Your second year membership dues will be pro-rated based on when you join.


Applicants for Freelance Council are reviewed according to a point system. To qualify, applicants must produce 21 points within a 12-month period. Required proof of work based on criteria in the points chart.


Access Points Chart here.


Freelance Application Requirements:


  • You produce travel journalism on a regular basis for a variety of outlets
  • Your travel message reaches a significant audience
  • You are paid for the work you produce


Before You Begin Your Application


Please be prepared for the the following:


  • Please have all application information on hand and ready to provide. Application must be completed in one sitting. You do not have the option to save and continue later. Please refer to member guidelines on the website (a separate web browser will open with this information so you don’t have to leave your application) for full details about what you are required to supply.
  • Make sure you have read the SATW Code of Ethics (a separate web browser will open with this information so you don’t have to leave your application). You will be required to agree to abide by it during the application process.
  • All points claimed must be verifiable.
  • Approval process for SATW membership can take up to 6 weeks. You will be notified by SATW once your membership has been approved or if more information is required.

Errors or omissions in your application can cause approval to be delayed or withheld. Please ensure that all information that is requested is provided, and that it is accurate.