The Freelance Council provides a forum for discussion among freelance travel journalists, works to enhance the role of the freelancer in the field of travel communications, and raises skill levels through professional development seminars.

    • Everything you submit with your freelance application must be for paid work—work published without payment will not be considered.
    • Everything you submit with your freelance application must be from the previous 12 months from the date of application.
    • Content must show, describe, evaluate, discuss and/or facilitate travel. The viewpoint must not be dictated by any advertiser or travel vendors referenced in the article.
    • The work need not be bylined or captioned if the editor or publisher of the publication will attest to its authorship.
    • Each applicant earns credit for co-bylined works.

Freelance Application Requirements:

Freelance applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

    • 12 pieces of content in publications with readership of at least 10,000 (subscriptions, circulation, sales, or unique users)**
    • 7 pieces of content in national publications with readership of 500,000+**
    • 1 published book or book revision (at least 25,000 words) 
    • 120 minutes of income-producing video or audio (TV Show or Documentary)
    • 50 separate stock photo sales

*Advertorial or promotional copy can be used for one third (4) of the required pieces of content. Advertorial content is paid for by an advertiser, brand or sponsor, such as a resort, a tourist board or a CVB. 

*Work that is unedited prior to publishing can be used for one third (4) of the required pieces of content. This includes direct-to-publish, second-party, or self-owned sites regardless of readership. (Examples: Forbes or Medium)

What qualifies as a “piece of content”?

    • Written article or blog post (>250 words)
    • Photographs or illustrations for a written piece**
    • Video or audio segment (>60 seconds)
    • Chapter in book

**One illustrated piece counts as one piece of content. One piece written and illustrated by the same person counts as two pieces of content.

Application Fee: $50 US
Annual Dues: $225 US

***For Canadian applicants:  as we are unable to accept foreign currencies at this time, please note that we will be using an exchange rate of Cad $1 = US $0.74, which means you will receive a 26% discount. Please note, Canadians who join between October 15, 2023 and January 31, 2024 are eligible for this discount. The fees (comprising both Application and first year’s Annual dues) you will pay therefore are:

    • Actives (Digital, Editorial and Freelance): Regularly US$275, you pay US$203.50
      • Code: CANADAACTIVE2023