Eau Claire’s Artistic Revolution



Pre-Convention Tour: Oct. 9-11

Post-Convention Tour: Oct. 15-17


Activity Level: 2

Max. Participants: 16

Min. Participants: no minimum

Airport: Fly into/out of Chippewa Valley Regional (Eau Claire)  or Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

Travel notes: For the pre-convention tour, plan to arrive in Eau Claire by 3 p.m. on Oct. 9. For the post-convention tour, plan to depart Eau Claire or Minneapolis at noon or later



Actives: $250

Associates: $325
Emeritus: $350

Non-Member Guests: $350



Eau Claire could probably lay claim to being “The Indie Capital of the Midwest,” but trademarking that would be far too corporate a move for this independent-minded university town. Instead, Eau Claire, located at the confluence of the crystal clear Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers, goes its own way and encourages everyone who visits to come along for the ride. This is where farm kids grow up to be artists and entrepreneurs (Shout out to Bon Iver front man, Justin Vernon). Where attitude is more important than age. Where hospitality is legit. Where originality is celebrated. In other words, indie.