Professional Development Materials


Bloggers and Journalists: Bridging the Divide


Can print survive the digital media revolution? Can blogging outgrow its growing pains and get taken seriously as a profession? SATW Active Bret Love explains how he navigated the path from veteran print media editor and freelancer to travel blogger, and how finding ways to navigate both fields simultaneously can allow greater control over the stories you tell (not to mention the financial rewards you reap). He’ll explain what it takes to make it as a professional travel blogger, the benefits of self publishing, and how launching a blog can help boost your freelance career. He’ll also share some of the opportunities and pitfalls he experienced along the way to generating a 6-figure income from his niche focused business.



Virtual Pitch Slam


In this 45-minute session, pitching participants had two minutes to pitch Los Angeles Times Travel Editor and our SATW Immediate Past President Catharine Hamm and former Editors’ Council Chair Jane Wooldridge, currently Business Editor of the Miami Herald. Catharine and Jane responded to each pitch with suggestions on how to improve, sharpen and succeed!



60 Second Travel Writer

Valuable travel writing tips on topics ranging from the effective use of numbers in stories to the use of descriptors shared in a quick audio format. Tips provided by LA Times Travel Editor, Catharine Hamm and narrated by Westways Travel Editor, Elizabeth Harryman.


Topics Include:


1. Good Writing Begins With Good Reporting

2. Show Me, Don’t Tell Me

3. Numbers – Ugh or Awesome

4. Using Numbers Effectively

5. Pitfalls of Descriptors

6. Being Your Own Editor

7. Reliable Sources

8. Using All the Senses

9. Using Quotations

10. Writing Tight

11. Being Professional

12. Using Passive Voice

13. Space Fillers

14. Redundancies

15. Cliches


Navigating the Future: Travel Industry Trends

Jamie Faulkner Mageau, Director of Research Products at U.S. Travel Association, reveals statistics on domestic and international travel trends, touching on the strength of the dollar, the evolution of traveler and family makeup, and spending habits of domestic and foreign travelers. Learn more here.


PR In the Age of Digital Influencers

Scott Peacock, Public Relations Manager at Visit North Carolina, discusses how the rise of digital media has led to a rise in digital influencers—those with such a huge audience and such a large reach that they can drive visitors and buyers to destinations and brands. Scott Peacock outlines his strategy for working with Digital Influencers including compensation, expectations, impact, and metrics for determining success. Learn more here.


The Joy of iPhotography: How to Shoot Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

Jack Hollingsworth, Professional Photographer, iPhotographer, has been shooting professional-grade images exclusively with his iPhone for the last five years. He shares 50 tips to improve your smartphone photography whether you shoot on an iPhone or Android device. Learn more here.