For members who are not aware, the 2021 SATW requalification requirement has been paused by the Board of Directors. This was decided last year because of the impact of the pandemic on the work of members. The annual April requalification cycle alternates each year based on the last name of the member. The board will continue to consider if requalification will be re-instituted in 2022. For requalification questions you can email [email protected].


Requalification is a hallmark of SATW, allowing us to continue to represent that our members are working travel professionals, and it reinforces the value of society membership. In the 2019 member survey, belonging to an association with high and verified standards was cited by a majority — both Actives and Associates — as one of the greatest values SATW provides to its members.


New to 2019


The Board of Directors voted to approve a change to our procedures potentially reducing the frequency of requalification while keeping the same prestige of SATW membership. If you can requalify at new member levels (full requalification) you will only need to requalify every 3 years. Members who requalify at the current requalification requirement levels will need to requalify annually, effective for the 2019 requalification cycle. You can find your respective partial and full requalification requirements in your requalification form.


Members joining in 2017, 2018 or 2019 and all future new members will begin the three-year requalification period based on your join date. Your requalification schedule will be as follows:


2017                      2020
2018                      2021
2019                      2022


If you are a Past President, Marco Polo, or Emeritus member, you will continue to be exempt from requalification and will not need to requalify.


The 2019 Requalification Deadline is September 5, 2019.


Associate Requalification Form       Editor Requalification Form      Freelancer Requalification Form


A note for Freelancers: For the purposes of the Freelance Requalification form, a “clip” refers to any piece of media (book, article, photograph, video, etc.) that counts towards achieving points, as described in the points chart.


Members in transition or leaving SATW:


If you are currently in one council of SATW but have elected to transition to a different council, please email Anna McManus at [email protected] for details on how to transition to a different council. If you know you will have a career change or of other circumstances that will require you to leave SATW at the end of this year, also please send Anna a note.


NOTICE: Falsification of requalification documents is considered a Code of Ethics violation and may result in your dismissal from SATW.

Associate Requalification


Associates Council members must be one of the following:


  • Employed by a Destination Management Organization representing a city, state, region or country.
  • Own or are employed by a public relations firm that specializes in travel publicity/marketing for destinations, hotels/resorts, tour operators, airlines, cruise lines, attractions.
  • Own or are employed by a travel-related company (hotel/resort, tour operator, airline, cruise line, attraction) and are a primary media contact.


Submit all of the following with requalification:


  • Proof of current employment at a DMO, PR firm, or travel-related company.  Ideally, this is a letter from the president of the organization or a senior officer above you.  If you are the president (or similar) of the organization, a letter stating so on company stationery will suffice.
  • Contact information for three members of the media you dealt with between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019.
  • Four clips (print/broadcast/online) of media coverage published between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019, for your travel destination(s) and/or client(s). Each clip must be the product of a separate release, trip, media request for assistance or other media interaction. Each clip can be produced by the
    “media contacts” you list in the step above, but may also be from sources other than the media contacts you list. They do not have to be produced by SATW members.


If you handle tourism public relations for a U.S. state or Canadian province; national; and international, regional or local DMOs or CVBs; or are a PR professional employed by a hotel chain, airline, or cruise company, you are not required to provide media clips or contacts below. Only proof of employment is required. 


NOTICE: Falsification of requalification documents is considered a Code of Ethics violation and may result in your dismissal from SATW.


Partially Requalifying Requirements:


  1. Contact info for three media contacts from the 12 months ending June 30, 2019, and,
  2. Requalification REQUIRES four clips (print/broadcast/online) of media coverage from the 12 months ending June 30, 2019 for the travel destination(s) and/or client(s). Each clip must be the product of a separate release/trip and each from different authors and outlets. This may be from the same contacts identified below, or different media. Please upload files or paste links in the below fields.


Fully Requalifying Requirements:


  1. Contact information for 12 travel media contacts (writers, photographers, editors, broadcasters) with whom the applicant has worked within the past 12 months, and results of that interaction. Include name, phone, e-mail and website, if applicable.
  2. Twelve clips (print-broadcast-online with circulation/traffic stats) of media coverage received over the past 12 months for your travel destination(s) and/or client(s) and describe how this resulted from the applicant’s public relations efforts. No more than two clips may be submitted from one release/press trip and only one clip per person per release/press trip. Online copies of articles published in print outlets are acceptable, provided they indicate when the article appeared in print. (Note: For vacation time-share/fractional or other real estate-type lodging, the clips must reference/emphasize the destination and the property, not the real estate portion.)
  3. A summary of 12 public relations activities performed in the past year on behalf of the client(s), such as media functions/visits organized, press trips hosted and press materials created and distributed.