RFP Internal/External Communications Role

SATW External Communications Manager Position


View the External RFP here.


It is time for SATW to increase its attention on external communications. In recognition of the increasing specialization in social media, PR and marketing, SATW has decided to hire an external communications manager.


The RFP is open to all, with the exception of the SATW President and President-Elect. Membership in SATW is not required but is strongly preferred. Applicants may be individual communications practitioners or firms.


Responses to the RFP(s) are due by Friday, January 31, at 11:59 p.m. They will be reviewed by a task force consisting of the members of the Executive Committee and one representative from each council, to be chose by the council president. Final decisions for hiring will be determined by the Executive Committee. Additional experts may be consulted. Task force members and any consultants will keep all information pertaining to the responses confidential.


ALL questions and comments in regards to this RFP must be addressed to Jane Wooldridge, [email protected], and [email protected]. Questions or comments posted on Facebook or other channels will not be answered/addressed in that forum so that the Task Force can review the questions collectively, keep answers consistent and get a pulse on interest/activity. A Q&A may be posted publicly, if needed.


Jane Wooldridge
SATW President, 2019-2020