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SATW Bill Muster Photo Awards Submission Procedures

  1. Submit photos online (you will receive the link in your entry form confirmation email).
  2. Once on the file submission site, submit photos for each competition you are entering into. Enter all the photos you are submitting for each category. For example:
    • If you are entering a Photographer of the Year Album, upload all 20 photos in your submission.
    • If you are entering two Single subject Albums, click on that competition and enter your first album. After completing this submission, go back to the original link and submit your second album.
    • Example – if you are entering one Single Subject Album, four individual Animal photos, three individual Cultural photos, two Natural Scenic photos, and one People General photo, click on each of these competitions and enter the appropriate photo(s) in each of these categories. This means that you will have submitted a total of 5 times – once for your ten-photo album and once in each of the individual photo categories you are entering into.
  3. File Naming: Please follow file naming procedures exactly to avoid having your photos disqualified. Click here for file naming procedures.
  4. File Size: Please submit photos that are large enough to make an 8X10 print in case they win a plaque. JPEG file format is mandatory. The files should be 3000 pixels (on the long side) at 300 PPI with a file size not to exceed 6MB.


For questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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