Survey Results

In September 2021, SATW members were invited to participate in an online survey to help the SATW Board and management learn about what is most important about SATW to members and get their suggestions for future improvements. Thanks to all who took the time to share your thoughts. Your SATW Board is already working to implement your ideas and address your concerns. Many thanks to SATW Board members Jason Frye and Meryl Pearlstein for spearheading this effort.

Full survey results can be found here.

Length of Membership:

54% of respondents have been members for 11+ years, 32% for 3-10 years, 14% less than 3 years. More than 80% of respondents were age 51 or older, indicating need for SATW to recruit younger members in order to sustain the organization into the future.

Top Values of SATW Membership:

  • Annual Convention & Chapter/Council meetings – networking, professional development
  • SATW brand awareness and professional reputation; high qualification standards

Top Desires for Improved SATW Value/Benefits

  • Expanded Professional Development outside of convention/meetings (virtual, etc)
    • More PD for Associate Members
    • More PD for Digital Publishers
    • More PD on independent contractor business topics (earnings growth, legal issues, etc)
    • More virtual pitch sessions, editor’s panels, and roundtable discussions
  • Keep SATW qualification standards high, but review the points and qualification process
  • Annual Convention:
    • Pricing, destination and timing all major factors in attendance
    • More focus on destination and more unstructured time to pursue stories