The FLC collects the following types of clips:

  • Newspaper, magazine, and web articles
  • Photographs
  • Radio and TV broadcasts
  • Interviews where you are the expert/journalist talking about a destination
  • Travel presentations to groups
  • Blog posts (both personal and paid blogs)
  • YouTube videos

We do NOT currently collect the following:

  • Trip Advisor postings
  • Social Media postings:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

When you submit a clip, it should include:

  • The title 
  • The publication
  • The publication’s circulation or the website’s UV (Unique Visitor) figure, which you might need to request from your editor
  • The link where it is posted online.  When you send a link, please send the ENTIRE LINK, not just the name of the website.  
  • If it is not posted online, please attach a PDF or JPG scan of the article.  We no longer accept hard copies.