2024-2025 Treasurer Candidates


Chris Moyer


Travel and tourism have never been more essential, and SATW members help inspire millions of ‎people to explore the world with an open mind and heart. My name is Chris Moyer, and I am ‎honored to be considered for the position of Treasurer on the SATW board. I have only been in the ‎travel industry for the past two years, after more than 15 years working in communications in ‎government and economic development. I have always loved what I do, but working for Visit Detroit in ‎this role is the best job I have ever had. Every day, I see firsthand the impact of great storytelling on a ‎destination. SATW members’ work helps build communities, bring travelers to small businesses, and ‎break down preconceived notions. ‎

‎ I am proud to be a member of SATW because of the connections, friendships, and professional ‎development it offers. Membership has given me so much, and I want to give back by serving the ‎association. I would be grateful for your support. ‎

Hudson Headshot - Joanne Hudson

Joanne Hudson


I have served two terms on the Western Chapter Board as the chapter’s Associate-At-Large and now feel ready to take the step up to serve on the national society board in the treasurer role.

I often joke with colleagues that, “I do words not numbers.” I imagine most of you in this organization can relate – seeing as we have all dedicated our careers to telling travel stories. That said, I value my membership in SATW so much, that when asked to run for society treasurer, I was quick to accept and declare that I would willingly volunteer to “do numbers” in the treasurer position. I am excited to further support and contribute to the society in this role. As a destination public relations professional, I am skilled at keeping track of numerous priorities at one time and have an eye for details that I would bring to this position.

I joined SATW as an Associate Member in 2015 and have participated in many society events both in person and virtually over the past nine years. I am currently entering my seventh year as the Public Relations Manager for the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico tourism department.

I feel honored to be considered as a candidate to serve the organization in this critical role and I would appreciate your vote.