2020-2021 Treasurer Candidates

Carol Waller


I am honored to be nominated for SATW Treasurer. I have the skills and experience to do the job well and know that I will enjoy the opportunity to give back to an organization that has been such a valuable part of my PR career. I have volunteered for SATW in many different capacities over the years and have always found it extremely rewarding.


In this position, experience matters, and in this wildly unpredictable time, a conservative strategic approach to financial management is critical. I will make sure our SATW financial operating and reporting systems remain solid, that our budget and policies align with our strategic goals, that our assets are protected and that we actively explore actions to assist our members during this challenging time, including dues relief on some level. I have significant executive financial management experience, having managed various DMOs (Jackson Hole, WY, Sun Valley, ID) and other non-profit organizational budgets in excess of $1 million dollars for over two decades.


In 2018-19 I served as SATW Board Parliamentarian under President David Swanson, so I understand the SATW budget, reports and process and know that our current Treasurer and the SATW management team will work to provide a seamless transition. I also promise to bring an innovative perspective to my role as Treasurer and to the SATW Board as we navigate our way into the future. The Bottom Line? You can count on me to be a proactive and effective SATW Treasurer who will use my experience to ensure we adapt to new realities with a focus on our members and our collective future success. Thanks for your consideration and your vote.