Associate-at-Large (1 seat)

Krista Heinicke

I am former international athletic competitor, avid culinarian and tireless public relations professional. I have worked in all aspects of hospitality and PR, from assistant to concierge to restaurant owner and is the director of public relations for The Broadmoor and all that is in the shadow of its umbrella. Organization and sharing of information, all bundled in collaboration, is the name of the game.

If you have a meeting, you get things done. Time is valuable, and I wouldn’t say I like to waste mine or anyone else, so I use it wisely. Hence the brevity of my bio. I will work diligently to keep all associates in the loop and vice versa. Please DM me with any questions; I would be happy to address them; thank you.

Joyce Kiehl

As the Director of Communications at Visit Greater Palm Springs and as a former journalist, I understand the important role SATW plays in not only connecting people with places but also in how we tell stories about those places. I have been a member of this organization since 2013 and have been a member of the DEAI committee, including participation on a panel at the Milwaukee convention, and have organized the media marketplace at the past two conventions – and will do the same for Puerto Rico. I am ready to take the step to become your next Associate-at-Large.

I am passionate about celebrating and elevating diversity across the organization, both through programming and by expanding our membership. As part of the Professional Development committee, I’ve overseen SATW’s webinars series to assure that content is varied and inclusionary as well as assisted with content for recent PD sessions at our annual conventions. I am committed to making travel accessible for everyone – regardless of race, sexuality, physical ability, age – and I want our organization’s membership to reflect that.

As a PR practitioner, I have worked with media across all channels and can bring valuable insights and perspectives to the organization’s ongoing educational and professional development programming. I have successfully collaborated with industry colleagues who run the gamut from sole practitioners to agency employees and understand the needs of both ends of the spectrum. I can understand and advocate for all our Associate members’ needs.

Most importantly, I understand the value of earned media and how building relationships is the best path to success for both Actives and Associates. SATW provides an invaluable forum to create and grow relationships that help all of us do our jobs better. I have seen the organization evolve in positive ways over the past few years, but those relationships are still the keystone to all the work SATW does. Publicists and media alike are storytellers and together we can bring our destinations to life in words and pictures.

I would be honored to take the next step and serve as SATW’s Associate-at-Large, as a bigger voice for all our Associates. I would be very thankful for your vote.