Since tourism The Associates Council provides public relations professionals in the tourism industry the opportunities to network one-on-one with high-level journalists and PR colleagues.



Unlike individual memberships which belong to the individual member, regardless of job change, an Organizational
Membership allows the organization control of who has access to the membership benefits. We have Organizational Memberships for both Associates and Actives.


Organizational Memberships for Associates

Annual Dues (January-December): $1,170

Organizational Members can have up to three individuals listed as members and comes with three votes in Society affairs. One of the organization’s designated members must be 1) the senior PR/media leader OR 2) have at least 3 years experience in the public relations/travel media field. Such organizational members are entitled to send any or all of its designees to Society meetings open to Associates; each attendee must pay the full registration / attendance fee.


Organizational Memberships for Actives

Annual Dues (January-December): $550

Like the Organizational Membership being offered to DMOs and PR companies, the Publication Membership option would grant up to three staff members access to SATW benefits, including convention attendance, Chapter/Council meeting attendance and discounts. This access can be shared across all staff members, though a maximum of three staff at a time would be allowed to attend meetings and conventions through this membership.

Should a staff member who is active in SATW through the Publication Membership leave their outlet, they would no longer have access to member benefits unless they qualify as an individual member or through another outlet’s Publication Membership.

In order to participate in the Publication Membership, the outlet would need to meet the same requirements we ask of individual members of the Editors’ Council which you can review here.

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