SATW Members belong to one of four councils that represent their professional work as journalists, editors and public relations professionals in the travel industry.



The Society of American Travel Writers is made up of four major divisions known as Councils. Each Council provides a place for members in that segment of the industry to meet and discuss issues and to obtain skills training relevant to what they do for a living. Active members may belong to either the Freelance Council or Editors Council, while public relations professionals belong to the Associates Council. Digital publishers belong to the Digital Publishers Council.

Freelance Council


The SATW Freelance Council is made up of members who are self-employed travel journalists: writers, photographers, authors, broadcasters, creators of mobile apps and travel websites, content creators, bloggers, and entrepreneurs providing travel information to the public.

Editors Council


The SATW Editors Council includes members who oversee travel-related content: editors of newspapers, magazines, books and websites, freelance travel editors under contract, self-employed editors managing websites and other travel products, and entrepreneurs providing travel information to the public.

Associates Council


The SATW Associates Council includes members who work in the travel promotion industry such as public relations and advertising firms, Destination Management Organizations, Convention and Visitors Bureaus, and Tourism Boards. Associates Council meets annually in conjunction with Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and at the SATW Annual Convention.

Blogger meet up at El Paso convention

 Digital Publishers  Council


The SATW Digital Publishers Council includes members who are website owners and/or create digital publishing content.