The Marco Polo Award is a lifetime achievement award presented to a member who has devoted extraordinary service to the organization.

Marco Polo membership is awarded by the Board of Directors to members who have provided extraordinary service to SATW. Marco Polo members must have made major contributions to the growth and development of SATW for at least ten years prior to their selection and receive a lifetime membership.


The Marco Polo application is open until June 1.


Mary Lu Abbott

Marj Abrams*

Tom Adkinson

Marguerite Allen

Carol Beck-Edgar

Dave Bruce*

Monica Campbell-Hoppe

Jay Clarke*

Aaron Cushman*

Hugh DeSamper*

Peter Fitzsimons

Jerry Flemmons*

James C. Forbes*

Chandler Forman*

Lois Gerber

Yves Gentil

Elliot Gillies

Ewen Gillies*

Laurie Armstrong Gossy

Alex Henderson*

Bill F. Hensley*

Fred Holder*

Bob Jenkins

Iris Sanderson Jones*

Howard Kennedy*

Karl H. Koepcke*

Cathy Kruzic

Florence Lemkowitz*

Eric Lindberg

Christine Loomis

Harry W. Malm*

Patrice Manahan*

Lawrence J. Mayran*

Colin McDonald*

George E. McGrath*

Rita McKay*

Eunice Juckett Meeker*

Marc Michaelson*

James Montagnes*

Bill Muster*

Stuart G. Newman*

Donna O’Daniels

Don Payne*

Carl Purcell

Ann Bontempo Scandur*

John K. Schulte*

Mac Seligman*

Phillip D. Shea*

Martha W. Steger

Edward H. Stone*

Dianne Stutz

Gordon Thorne

Bob Titley

Nancy Vaughan

Deborah Wakefield

Jeanne Westphal*

* = person is deceased