SATW Commitment to Diversity

SATW signs a Travel Unity Pledge committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).
Read more about the Travel Industry Association DEI Pledge – Travel Unity.

SATW DEAI Statement

SATW’s Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion Statement

SATW is committed to a diverse, equitable, accessible and inclusive membership that mirrors the traveling public as well as worldwide citizenry. Every effort will be made to ensure all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, abilities and cultural and religious beliefs are welcomed throughout the SATW community, including membership and leadership roles. We appreciate diverse voices and seek to include full representation in all our events, activities and communications. In order to share narratives as openly and honestly as possible, it is imperative that we dedicate time, attention and effort to welcome the voices of diverse Active and Associate members of SATW.


SATW Statement Supporting Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders, and Other Historically Persecuted Groups
In the face of rising anti-Asian violence, SATW stands in solidarity with Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and everyone who supports them. Dangerous and false rhetoric has made this diverse community and their vibrant neighborhoods the targets of hate crimes, and we strongly condemn it. We also stand in opposition to attacks on other historically persecuted groups, targeted for their ethnic or racial heritage, religious beliefs, gender identification or sexuality. As part of our ongoing efforts at diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion, we will work with our membership to recognize bias that leads to racially motivated violence.


SATW’s Black Lives Matter Statement

SATW stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and those who demand justice and equality for our Black communities, as well as structural change in the fight against racial injustice and systemic racism. We value and stand behind our Black members in SATW. We are committed to diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion, and vow to work both within and outside our organization to uphold and model these values, which are the foundation of an equitable society.


SATW’s Antisemitism Statement

Recent events remind us that antisemitism is on the rise here in North America and around the world. We at SATW condemn antisemitism in the many forms in which it occurs, including the slander of Jews with stereotypes and conspiracy theories, Holocaust denial or distortion, acts of hatred and violence to Jews, and the denial of the State of Israel’s right to exist.

According to the FBI 2020 Hate Crimes Statistics, American Jews—who make up less than 2% of the American population—were the victims of 57.5% of the total religious bias hate crimes.

In a world where misinformation and mistruths are easily spread, we, as members of the media, have a responsibility to write and speak the truth, and to foster awareness and education to stunt antisemitism, so that decency may prevail, allowing everyone to live without fear and to prosper in peaceful coexistence.


SATW’s DEAI Committee

We welcome all SATW members to join the DEAI Committee’s weekly Zoom call on Wednesdays at 3pm Eastern. This has grown into an engaged group who are supportive and proactive and enjoy doing meaningful work together to create positive change within SATW and the travel media industry. Want to get involved? Contact co-chairs Lavanya Sunkara or Joyce.

DEAI Resources to help you learn, engage and stay informed

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2020 Virtual Convention Recordings


Expanding the Narrative: Telling Fuller Travel Stories (and Truths)| Interpreter and storyteller Cordell Reaves  wants to help you make meaning for your readers on the spot where history happened, shifting focus at historic  sites to the enslaved communities as the primary narrative of the site. This session is designed to show how  museums, institutions and DMOs are actively engaged in presenting the fuller story of the events that shaped  their destination and how journalists now have access to a trove of resources to help them craft unique story  angles that will translate into their next assignment. Together, this is a rich example of SATW’s mission: “Inspiring  travel through responsible journalism.” 



Vickie Ashford, Director of Travel Media, Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau

Matthew Maxey, Associate Director of Public Relations, Visit Franklin (Tennessee) 

Cordell Reaves, Historic Preservation Program Analyst, NYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic  Preservation 

Tonya Fitzpatrick (Moderator), Executive Producer/Host,


Destination CEOs’ Perspectives on Promoting Anti-Racism in the Travel Industry | The modern-day lynching  (as termed by USA Today, CNN and others) of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis on May 25 has opened the  floodgates of conversation about race in America. No sector is untouched, including tourism and travel media.  Melvin Tennant and Julie Coker — who together have decades of experience leading major U.S. cities’ marketing  efforts from the corner suite — share their perspectives on how to use this unprecedented dialogue to move  forward and the ways in which each of us can bring about change to our corner of the industry.  



Melvin Tennant, CAE, President and CEO, Meet Minneapolis, Convention and Visitors Association

Julie Coker, President and CEO, San Diego Tourism Authority 

Megan Padilla (Moderator), freelance writer, co-chair, SATW’s DEAI (Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and  Inclusion) committee


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