Congratulations to the 2019 Western Chapter writing awards winners


North American Travel
Gold: Bill Fink: Stair Power, Pittsburgh’s Stairways,” Southwest Magazine
Silver: Spud Hilton, Paso Robles, San Francisco Chronicle
Bronze: Jill K. Robinson, Stars and Waves Guide Navigation the Polynesian Way, San Francisco Chronicle


Gold: David DeVoss, Rwanda: The Hills Are Alive, Weekly Standard
Silver: Bill Fink: A country that doesn’t exist: The twilight zone of Transnistria,
Bronze: Jerry Camarillo Dunn, Jr.: “Garden Games: England’s Mazes and Labyrinths,” Montecito Journal


Travel tips
Gold: Spud Hilton, 11 Things You Need to Know to Cross the US-Mexico Border, San Francisco Chronicle
Silver: Kari Bodnarchuk, Secure Options to Protect Your Home, Boston Sunday Globe
Bronze: Yvette Cardozo, Online Security Tips,


Gold: Spud Hilton, selection of columns, San Francisco Chronicle
Silver: Cheryl Tsutsumi, selection of columns, Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Bronze: Yvonne Horn, selection of columns, International Travel News


Travel Industry
Gold: Debra Bokur: Renaissance Florence, Travel Age West
Silver: Christine Loomis: How to Stay Ahead of the Hackers, The Meeting Magazine
Bronze: Skye Mayring: High Times with My 420 Tours, Travel Age West


Gold: Spud Hilton, LGBT Heritage Guide website, San Francisco Chronicle
Silver: Mike Shubic, Mike’s Road Trip (
Bronze: Lee Foster Travel (


Gold: Debra Bokur, State of Bliss, Global Traveler Magazine
Silver: Ashley Biggers, The Lifeblood, New Mexico Magazine
Bronze: Jill Robinson, 7 Truly Epic Trips for Deeply Adventurous Travelers, AFAR magazine


Gold: Jill K. Robinson, Smaller waves make Oahu’s North Shore a bigger deal, San Francisco Chronicle
Silver: Kari Bodnarchuk, “The snow isn’t all that glitters in Sun Valley,” Boston Sunday Globe
Bronze: Terri Cook, “Hiking Mt. Olympus with a temperamental preteen turns out to be a gift from the gods,” Los Angeles Times


Gold: Kari Bodnarchuk, The Hottest Restaurant in Park City, Boston Sunday Globe
Silver: Megan Hill, Salmon Fever, Edible Seattle
Bronze: Jill K. Robinson, This Baja Wine Region is the Napa Valley of Mexico, San Francisco Chronicle


Non traditional
Gold:  Diane Covington-Carter: Finding Gilbert, Marshall and McClintic Publishing 2018
Silver: Mike Shubic, “5 Incredible Places Beyond Bali in Wonderful Indonesia,” Mike’s Road Trip
Bronze: Skye Mayring, “Candytopia Is a Sugar High On Acid,”