Convention Terms and Conditions

Joining SATW has been one of the best decisions
of my career. The contacts I’ve made alone make the
price of membership worthwhile.


Terms & Conditions

Any SATW member, spouse/spouse equivalent, speaker, guest, or employee ‎‎(“Participant(s)”) who attends any SATW sponsored trip, convention or activity ‎‎(“Event(s)”) agrees to the terms and conditions as follows by virtue of his/her ‎participation and by signing the printed or online registration form. Participants are permitted to attend SATW Events. Other unregistered family ‎members, friends, and business colleagues are not permitted. Members’ children under the ‎age of 18 may stay in an assigned core convention hotel room, as long as they have a babysitter to ‎supervise them. Children and their babysitters are not allowed to participate in any Events ‎whatsoever. Only delegates with appropriate delegate badges will be admitted to SATW Events.

Payment Terms

Core Convention

Payment is due at the time of registration by credit card.

Pre and Post Tours

Members will be assigned to Pre and Post Tours on a first come, first serve basis based on ‎capacity.

All attendees must pay for tours within 48 hours of notification or the tour will be forfeited. There ‎will be no refunds for the pre- and post-tours as those funds go to the entities providing the trips.

Travel Cancellation and Medical Insurance is recommended.

Gratuities and Personal Expenses

Tips and gratuities for day tours are included in the convention fee. SATW members are responsible ‎for all personal charges: room service, minibar purchases, telephone calls, faxes, laundry service, ‎Business Center expenses, personal bar tabs and any extra services.

Alcoholic Beverages

Hosts of SATW events are invited to offer alcoholic beverages to attendees. Hosts and/or SATW ‎reserve the right to deny alcoholic beverages to any person(s). At certain events, participants may be ‎required to pay for their alcoholic beverages.

Program Participation

It is both extremely rude and unprofessional not to participate in any event that ‎hosts/members/guests are expected to attend. Serious and/or persistent no-shows may be liable for ‎ethics violations. No refunds will be considered for any no-show.

Members should not make special requests of the hosts. Questions, including story-gathering requests ‎that require changes in or the addition of arrangements not on the program, should be directed to ‎SATW and not to the hosts.

SATW members, convention sponsors, invited guest speakers, or anyone affiliated with the ‎Society’s annual convention are prohibited from offering hospitality and/or scheduling any ‎activities that conflict or interfere with official convention program events/activities.


As a courtesy to its members, speakers and guests, SATW acts in the capacity of liaison with the air ‎carriers, hotels, transportation, ground carriers, restaurants, tour operators/organizers and other ‎Event service providers (“Third Party Providers”) in connection with SATW Events. SATW ‎does not own, manage, control, or operate any Third Party Providers, transportation vehicle, hotel, ‎restaurant, or other supplier of services. SATW is not responsible for delays, losses, injuries, damages, ‎cancellations, inconveniences, cessation of operations, bankruptcies, caused in whole or in part by the ‎acts or omissions of Third Party Providers other uncontrollable events. All arrangements with ‎Third Party Providers are made solely for the convenience of SATW members, guests, and employees ‎and are undertaken at the risk of the SATW participant.

All Participants release SATW, its Board members, its officers, its directors and its management ‎company and all of their partners and affiliates from any claims for loss or damage to baggage or ‎property, or for personal injuries or death, or for any loss from delay arising out of the acts, ‎omissions, or negligence of any Third Party Providers. Each SATW participant agrees to indemnify ‎SATW and all of their partners and affiliates for all penalties, charges, losses, or expenses incurred by ‎virtue of any act, omission, or violation of law by the participant. Participant will also indemnify SATW ‎for any reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses that SATW may incur by reason thereof. ‎SATW its Board members, its Directors and its management company do not assume and expressly ‎disclaim responsibility for any claim, action, cause of action, injuries, losses, or damages arising from ‎the actions and omissions of Third Party Providers.

Personal Property

SATW, its Board members, its officers, directors and its management company and all of their ‎partners and affiliates are not responsible for any theft, loss, pilferage, and/or damage to any ‎participant’s personal property. Additional suppliers such as hotels print and/or post the limit ‎of their respective liability to passengers/guests.

Denied Travel Privileges

Under extraordinary circumstances, such as illegal activities or gross violations of the SATW Code of ‎Ethics, SATW may decide to terminate the convention privileges of a participant in whole or in part ‎without refund at any time of the trip. That participant is fully responsible for all expenses incurred, ‎including, but not limited to, lodging, meals, return transportation, and other related ‎expenses.

Itinerary or Program Changes

It is the responsibility of the participant to be on time for scheduled tours, events, and programs. ‎SATW participants are reminded that sometimes unforeseen circumstances require an itinerary or ‎program change. Participants who have comments or needs should address them to the SATW ‎convention committee or SATW Tour Captain. SATW is not responsible for changes made by suppliers, ‎but will attempt to work out a solution if comments or complaints are brought to the attention of the ‎SATW convention chairs, convention committee, or SATW liaison in a timely and professional manner. ‎

Claims and/or Complaints

Claims and/or complaints that cannot be resolved on the spot must be submitted in writing to SATW. ‎SATW participants should always go to the convention chairs or SATW liaison and not to the host with ‎any complaints or claims on a trip. Claims for lost or damaged baggage should be made directly with ‎the hotel, transportation company, etc.


Every effort is made to ensure that the program for SATW events is accurate. However, SATW is not ‎responsible for typographical errors or omissions. Each communication sent by SATW/host regarding ‎a trip supersedes any information that precedes it. It is the responsibility of the participant to rely ‎upon latest information provided via regular mail, e-mail, or phone.

SATW Policies

Only a registered delegate may attend SATW events and functions during this convention. Delegate ‎badges must be worn at all times and will be checked at the door of all events. SATW reserves the right ‎to deny convention registration to any non-member.


SATW Convention COVID Policy

SATW requires that all convention attendees, guests, speakers, and staff be fully vaccinated against COVID.   Proof must be presented at the SATW Registration Desk upon arrival.  Photocopies and digital copies will be accepted. Vaccination must be completed 14 days before arrival at the convention.

This policy is separate from any requirements established by Colombia or any of the municipalities within the country.

We currently recognize the following vaccines and will also accept a combination of two different vaccines from this list:

      • 2 doses Moderna
      • 2 doses BioNTech & Pfizer
      • 2 doses AstraZeneca
      • 1 dose Johnson & Johnson
      • 2 doses Sputnik V
      • 2 doses Sinopharm / Sinovac

Guest Policies

No active SATW member is allowed to register at the guest rate. Attendees registered under the guest ‎rate must be non-members. Guests must share a room with an SATW member. The guest rate ‎includes ground transportation, evening activities, breakfast and lunch with members ‎and Day Tours-optional. Guest/Spouse rate does not include participation in Marketplace or ‎attendance at the Business, Chapter or Council meetings.

Convention Cancellation Policy

Cancellations up until August 29 will not be assessed a fee. Cancellations between August  30 – September 5 will be assessed a $300 fee. There will be no refunds provided after September 6, 2024.  All cancellations must be received in writing by the SATW Convention Registrar. ‎Exceptions will be made only for documentable and serious medical emergencies or death of someone ‎in the member’s immediate family (e.g., spouse, spouse equivalent, child, parent, sibling, ‎grandchild, grandparent). In these instances, the member will receive a full refund minus a $300 ‎processing fee. In the case of a medical emergency, a note from the attending physician is required ‎stating he/she is unable to travel due to medical reasons. The approval of the refund exception must ‎be made by the SATW President, or in his/her absence, the SATW President Elect. Any appeals by a ‎member will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and a final decision will be issued within 60 ‎days. SATW strongly recommends that members purchase optional trip insurance for cancellation, ‎interruption, illness, injury, and baggage loss or damage.


Code of Conduct

Each new member of the Society will sign the following pledge as part of the application process, and ‎thereafter each member will sign this pledge when renewing his or her membership. Non-members ‎attending the annual convention will sign the pledge confirming their compliance prior to the start of ‎the convention.


As a member of SATW or guest at any SATW event, I pledge to adhere to the Code of Conduct in its ‎entirety. This includes, but is not limited to, my participation in SATW meeting functions, programs, ‎events and meals, and the online forum.

I understand that failure to conduct myself in a professional manner can be considered a violation ‎of the Code and is subject to review, with possible penalties, as outlined in the Code.