Thank you for your interest in hosting a Freelance Council Meeting!

The Freelance Council is comprised of more than 500 writers, photographers, editors, broadcast/video/film producers, bloggers, and website owners dedicated to producing engaging content for their readers. Our extensive editorial and photographic outlets range from general circulation magazines and high-profile travel websites to the trade press; from top travel blogs to international stock agencies, television series, and the professional lecture circuit; and from newspapers to guidebooks. In all, our members represent an estimated 900 worldwide markets.


The benefits of hosting a Freelance Council Meeting

The benefits of hosting an SATW Freelance Council meeting are numerous. The most high-profile benefit is the public relations value attached to media highlighting the host destination. Coverage of the host destination begins even before many of our members land, as they anticipate their trip.  Many members have significant social media followings and post constantly about their experience and exploration of a host destination throughout the duration of a FLC meeting, and the knowledge gained about the host destination during an FLC meeting can provide fodder for articles for years following a trip.

In addition to media coverage, the host destination and its partners will build long-lasting relationships with journalists who daily influence the decisions of the traveling public.


General FLC Meeting guidelines

  • FLC meetings are typically 3 to 4 nights in the host destination.
  • Pre- and post-trips range in length from 1 to 3 nights each on either side of the core meeting, with 3 to 5 options generally offered for both pre- and post-trips.
  • The host determines the number of FLC meeting participants, with no fewer than 45 members as part of the group, which includes the five FLC board members.
  • FLC meetings are limited to FLC members only; there are no spouses or guests, and SATW’s associate (industry) members are not invited to participate.
  • The per-person pricing for FLC trips normally, but not always, includes airfare from major gateway cities in the United States and Canada, accommodations, meals, and transfers/transportation. 


To learn more about hosting a Freelance Council Meeting, contact SATW Freelance Council Sites Chair David Lang at [email protected] or Freelance Council 2nd Vice Chair Susan Kraus at [email protected].