Thank you to the people who make the convention a success! Interested in getting involved? Reach out to [email protected].

Convention President: Kim Foley MacKinnon
Convention Co-Chair: Caroline Eubanks
Convention Co-Chair: Suzanne Wenz

SATW-Kellen Executive Director: Erin Erickson
SATW-Kellen Account Manager: Anna McManus
SATW-Kellen Meetings Manager: Brittany Marinovich
SATW-Kellen Sponsorship Manager/Account Coordinator: Rachel Celentano

Professional Development Chair, Freelance: Keryn Means

DEAI Liaison: Ann-Rebecca Laschever

Tours Chair: Doug Wallace

Marketplace Co-Chairs: Joyce Kiehl, Jennifer Sweeney

Meet the Editors Co-Chair/Media: Liaison: Caroline Eubanks
Meet the Editors Co-Chair/Manager: Deborah Wakefield

Awards Lowell Thomas: Catharine Hamm
Bill Muster Photo Awards: Christine Loomis
Phoenix Awards: Bea Broda
Lowell Thomas Foundation Administrator: Victoria Larson

First Timers Co-Chair: Juliana Broste
First Timers Co-Chair: Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington

Promotion Internal: Anietra Hamper
Promotion External PR/Social Media: Victoria Larson

Sponsorships Chair: Fran Golden