ReVerbs Storytelling @ SATW (New to 2019!)

ReVerbs, the travel trade’s own storytelling event, is coming to SATW!


On Sunday, October 20 from 8:30 – 10:00 PM at the Philanthropy Theatre & Plaza Theatre, we’ll have a later-night event filled with amazing stories with a ‘Borderline’ theme. They will be funny and/or poignant from a from a range of SATW members; writers, marketers, and maybe even a local or two.


We go a little ‘old school’ with an evening of true blue, heart-wrenching and or belly-aching funny, feel, good, life-changing and or simply insane stories told by the biggest, brightest and best characters from the SATW tribe. This year’s theme will be ‘borderline’ and, as always, we encourage the broadest possible interpretations of that theme.


We will create a shortlist of 8–10 storytellers, a mad mix of characters coming from diverse backgrounds and from various geographic locations. Each person gets about eight minutes to tell an outrageous, incredible, powerful and/or riotous story.


True to ‘travel’ itself, everyone will leave having had a unique experience – and maybe even learn a little something new in the process.


Your emcee of the night will be conference chair, Chez Chesak. A cash bar will be available.