2022-2023 Treasurer Candidate

Carol headshot 2021_2 - carol waller

Carol Waller


I am honored to be nominated again for SATW Treasurer. I was elected to this position in 2020 and have committed myself to the job, doing my best to make improvements where needed to keep us on a solid financial path. During the past two years I have led the effort to update our budgeting, accounting and investment policies and processes to allow us to be more strategic and efficient, always keeping an eye on the bottom line. And the good news is that we have sufficient resources to continue to invest in programs and services that increase the value of SATW to all of you.


I also bring an experienced perspective to the board in our overall leadership work and have been told that I make budgets and financial reports easier to understand for those who don’t deal with complex financials regularly. As we all know, better information leads to better decisions. While the volunteer time commitment for every board and committee member in SATW is substantial, I appreciate the opportunity to help make our organization stronger and better prepared for the future.


The Bottom Line? You can count on me to continue to be a proactive and effective SATW treasurer and board member who will use my experience to further our collective success. Thanks for your consideration and your vote.