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Webinar: Your Convention Questions – Answered Live

Here is your opportunity to get answers to all your last-minute questions during this live question and answer session with Convention Co-Chairs Laurie and Lydia, as well as SATW President Elizabeth Harryman Lasley and representatives from the team in Bogotá and Colombia. If you’d like to submit your questions ahead of time, please email them to Lydia Schrandt.

Presented by Bogota Committee

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Webinar: Bogota: New Capital of Coffee’s Fourth Wave

Specialty coffee is an important gastronomic trend. Learn about the different historic coffee “waves” in Colombia that have come through internationally, including the 4th wave being created now.  Special guest Juan Felipe Lozano shares the authentic, innovative and magical gastronomical offering being developed around Colombian coffee, such as new preparations and techniques that combine the tradition and new innovations. Hear why Bogota is becoming the new capital for specialty coffee.

Moderator: Lydia Schrandt, Bogota Convention Co-Chair

Guest Speaker: Juan Felipe Lozano

      • Colombian certified specialty coffee taster specialized in food pairing.
      • Two times semi-finalist in national Coffee Tasters Cup.
      • Coffee and agronomic consultant.
      • CEO of Caffa Colombia, a specialty coffee company.
      • Autochthonous Colombian liquor mixologist.
      • Colombian craft beer ambassador.

Presented by Bogota Convention Committee

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Coffeshop Location: Calle 93b # 16-66, Bogotá
Caffa Coffee Instagram: @CaffaColombia
Coffeeshop Reviews: Click here

Webinar: Members’ Stories of Colombia & Bogotá

They say that word-of-mouth is the best medium, so let’s hear it directly from our members!

During this webinar, five SATW active members will share their recent personal Colombia experiences and stories. Ethen Gelber will focus on family travel, Steve Jermanok will take us on a journey exploring the street art of Medellin and Botero’s boyhood home, and Mark Wessel will be speaking about “Bogotá’s Sustainable Story Line,” Nancy Trejos will share her experiences.

Presented by Bogotá Convention Committee

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Webinar: Colombia’s Indigenous History and Culture MUSA Archaeological Museum

Colombia’s indigenous history and cultures span thousands of years so there’s far more than we can cover in a single webinar.  In this program, expert anthropologist Dr. Carl Langebaek, photographer and researcher Roberto Garcia and architect Oscar Sanabria will share what pieces from the past tell us about the origins of the fascinating city and country that will be the site of the 2022 Annual Convention – Bogotá, Colombia. This museum is included in one of the day tours. Presented by Bogotá Convention Organizing Committee.

Watch the recording here

Webinar: Colombia as a Sustainable Tourism Destination

In this webinar, Gilberto Salcedo, Vice President of Tourism at ProColombia, will talk about the strategy and action plan for promoting Colombia as a sustainable Tourism destination, based on the country’s vision to develop an economic activity that contributes to the conservation of ecosystems and the generation of life opportunities for communities. We will learn how Colombian tourism companies are implementing sustainable practices and innovation into their visitor experiences, and about Colombia’s commitment to promoting the country as a sustainable, inclusive, and high-quality tourism destination in accordance with the Sustainable Tourism Policy.

Watch the recording here

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