2019-2020 Canadian Chapter Candidates


Maureen Littlejohn

1st Vice Chair

Jennifer Bain


Sharon Mendelaoui

After serving on the Canadian Board as Active at Large for 2 years, I am happy to submit my intent to run again for another term. I am so grateful for all the encouragement I have received from fellow SATW members to get more involved. During the past 2 years I have worked on projects as assigned by our Canadian Chapter Chair and have been bringing up issues and concerns that fellow active’s have shared with me to the board.


Things I would like to focus more on in the upcoming term include:

  • Advice for freelance writers starting blogs/websites: I’m committed to helping members who are just starting out blogs and are not as comfortable with the technical side of owning a website or jumping on social media. I hope to share topics in our newsletters about blog/website safety, tools you can use to automate things and website dos and don’ts as they pertain to SEO, posting content that appears on other websites and more.
  • Increase awareness of our Canadian Chapter throughout the organization: Through many of my own trips I realize how many members of SATW forget we have a Canadian Chapter. I keep hearing US destinations tell me they are seeking Canadian writers and are surprised when I tell them I’m a member of SATW and there is a Canadian Chapter full of Canadian writers, photographers and bloggers.


Heather Kirk