SATW Canadian Chapter Awards Winners 

Best People Photo 
1st place:  Mursi Tribe, EthiopiaWinner: Will Tang

Judge’s comments: This is the most amazing photograph.  It has the patina of a mid 20th century National Geographic photo.  There is a spectrum of texture, from the sensuous smooth skin of the subject, through the scarification to the roughness of the bark on the tree, contrasted against the young woman’s hands.  Finally, it is the mysterious expression of the subject that really makes the shot memorable.


 2nd place:  Tea Server, MoroccoWinner: Cosmo Condina
Judge’s comments: The warm afternoon light enhances the strong graphic composition, with a good balance of positive and negative space that really gives a feeling of place.  You can feel the dry heat and smell the tea being poured


 3rd place:  Haida watchman  Winner: Jennifer Bain
Judge’s comments: The subject welcomes you in.  The expression is one of welcoming you to his world, and that is what is really intriguing about the photo.  At first glance you’d think it was photographed on location in some pristine wilderness, but it wasn’t, and that’s what makes it so intriguing.  The lighting perfectly merges the subject with background, and the expression that is captured says “Welcome”


Best Places Photo
1st place:  Talaysay sea-to-sky-summit   Winner: Adrian Brijbassi

Judge’s comment: The strong composition is reminiscent of the graphic travel posters of the early to mid 20the century.  You can feel yourself there, observing.  All the elements are properly positioned, even the people on the lookout.  Stories within stories. The photograph checks all the boxes for colour and graphic composition, as well as being a spectacular piece of content  that sells the destination.


2nd place:  Tourist Village, Guizhou, China  Winner: Ruth Malloy
Judge’s comment: This ethereal image could easily be part of a current Chinese tourism campaign.  It really gives the destination that “fairy tale” look that is so often portrayed.  It’s reminiscent of a Maxfield Parrish painting.


3rd place: Valley of the Phantoms   Winner: Barb Sligl
Judge’s comments: A very strong image with a simple blue and white palette makes you want to go and explore.  The crisp early morning light is lovely the way it adds shape to the snow laden trees. The composition is as strong as it is simple.


Best Canadian Story 
1st Place  Title: Halifax
Winner: Glen Petrie  Published in Cruise Travel

Judge’s comments:  An excellent blend (and balance) of Canadian history with modern day tourism. It was informative and interesting. What to do and see right now as well as the historical perspective of Halifax and Nova Scotia. It was also a fun article and kept the reader’s interest right to the end. Halifax was well-researched and obviously well-written. 


2nd Place  Near Arctic Bay, Nunavut
Winner: Jennifer Bain Published Toronto Star

Judge’s comments: This article sets the scene immediately and invites the reader into the exploration in the first paragraph. The author shows you (as opposed to ‘telling’ you) what life is like in Nunavut with a great blend of description including the rugged scenery, the personalities of their hosts, good practical information and excellent use of dialogue. This could have been taken from a novel – it is compelling and the writing has an eloquent flow. Makes the reader want to sign up for the next tour.


 3rd Place  Northwest Passage
Winner Barb Sligl Published in Just for Canadian Doctors

Judge’s comments: This is something that should be compulsory reading in every Canadian high school. It is a perfect blend of Canadian history combined with a first-hand “you are there” feel to describing the Northwest Passage of today. Terrific use of historical quotes from the original explorers. The writer takes you there – the reader can actually visualize the stunning surroundings with a single sentence (i.e.”…some bergs the height of the Empire State Building and the size of Prince Edward Island”). Extremely well written.


Honourable mention: Ivvavik National Park, Yukon Written by Jennifer Bain, Published in The Toronto Star


Best International Story
1st Place Title: Sanary-Sur-Mer: The Riviera Town Where Brave New World Was Born
Winner Nancy Wigston  Published in

Judge’s comments: This is so much more than a wonderfully evocative travel story. The reader is taken on a tour of quaint Provencal fishing village by a curious writer seeking an understanding of Aldous Huxley, who, in great contrast to his surroundings, wrote his dystopian masterpiece, Brave New World, in this peaceful locale. 


2nd Place  Title: Vienna Marks Centennial of Klimt’s Death with Art Extravaganza 
Winner Adrian Brijbassi  Published in
Judge’s comments: Vienna is steeped in art and history. The writer shares much about both in this compelling and well-researched presentation about why to visit the Austrian city in 2018.


3rd Place Title: The Birds, Bees, Baskets and Olive Trees of Um Qais Jordan
Winner Mary Chong  Published in Food Wine Travel magazine
Judge’s comments: Good writing shows readers a destination. Great writing takes readers there, in this case, a village on Jordan’s northern border, where you can almost see, hear, smell and taste what the writer has experienced. 


Honourable mention: The wolves of Northern Norway Written by Emma Yardley
Published in The Toronto Star


Best Blog Post
1st place Title: A Vacation 85-million years in the making
Winner: Jody Robbins – Posted on Travels with Baggage

Judge’s comments: Engaging treatment, quick paced writing and fun! This story about Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park and what families can do there kept me engaged right to the end. Peppered throughout the punchy writing are many facts about dinosaurs, about the park, and about unique experiences visitors can have, such as fossil hunting. I think the best travel stories convey real information in an entertaining way, and this piece does that in spades.


2nd place Title: Fun, food and wine in Jordan, Ontario
Winner: Gary Cralle – Posted on

Judge’s comments: A photographic tour de force that starts with the question #wherethehellisjordan and answers it by illustrating why lovers of good food, good wine and artisan goods should put lesser known parts of the Niagara Peninsula on their must-go list. The photos and captions create a strong sense of place and the people who live there.


3rd place  Title: Arenal Hanging Bridges
Winner: Janice Muculov  Posted on

Judge’s comments: This short piece about viewing snakes, sloths, spiders and other wildlife in the Costa Rica rainforest grabs the reader at the top with dramatic details about coming close to a deadly pit viper, and keeps you reading about the other interesting creatures seen along the way during a guided tour. It also makes a strong case for why visitors who are unfamiliar with the area will get much more from their visit on an organized tour with a knowledgeable local guide.


Thank you to Switzerland Tourism for sponsoring the 2018 Canadian Chapter Awards.