2020-2021 President Elect Candidates

Elizabeth Harryman

I’d like to serve you as your president elect because I think my management skills, my consensus-building abilities, and my unflappable confidence in the future will be valuable in guiding SATW through these difficult times. Today I work as an editor, supervising travel coverage in seven AAA publications with a combined circulation of more than 6 million from Hawai‘i to New England. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve fought hard to maintain fees of $1 a word and more and payment on acceptance.


I previously earned my living as a freelancer, so I understand the needs of both groups. I’ve also been involved in the digital world since putting up a travel website including audio in 1994, and I’ve been active in travel reporting on radio and television since the early 90s, so I have a perspective on digital and broadcast media as well. Because I’ve worked closely with public relations professionals over the years, I recognize the enormous value our Associates bring to our industry and to SATW.


And I’m so grateful the Society has welcomed independent publishers, whose spirit of entrepreneurship has re-energized the organization. We all need each other and benefit from each others’ skills and perspectives. For two years, I served on the SATW Board as Editors Council Chair and worked on the committee that developed a simple, workable re-qualification process. I later served on the Ethics Committee, and have worked extensively on professional development.


I applaud the progress that the current Board and recent Boards have made to simplify processes, embrace new technologies, and engage new members. When the current crisis is over, I believe people will have renewed appreciation and respect for travel, and responsible travel journalism will be more important than ever. Strong professional development will be critical, to ensure that our members have the skills we all need to survive and thrive in today’s continually evolving media landscape. SATW faces unprecedented challenges, but by working together, sharing insights, and thinking creatively, we’ll all get through this crisis and come out stronger. Stay safe and well. We’ll conquer this – no question.

Anna Hobbs

Being asked to run for SATW President-Elect was an honor.  Saying ‘yes’, a commitment.  My decision was based on much thought, many discussions, and the endorsement of several past presidents. It was also based on a desire to continue to give back to the society that has given me so much. Before you vote, – and please be sure to vote – here’s what I would like you to know about my experience, my priorities and my commitment.



  • I joined SATW in 1997 when my responsibilities at Canadian Living involved establishing a travel section. It was a smart move and a wise decision.
  • Since then I have served as Chapter Active-at-Large, Treasurer, Sites Chair and Chair which involved four years on the SATW Board.
  • 25 years as a magazine editor followed by 19 years freelancing.
  • Proven management and team-building skills gained as a partner in a successful family business, with a firm but kind hand to get things done.
  • Volunteer experience on the Boards of local, national and non-profit organizations.



  • Help guide SATW through a ‘new normal’ following the carnage of Covid-19. We have a role to play in rebuilding a devastated industry, and together, I believe, we can contribute ideas, strategies and energy toward making a difference.
  • Better meet the needs of all members working in different ways across our ever-changing media landscape, traditional and digital, while continuing to ensure our journalistic values and standards.
  • Provide outstanding PD.
  • I believe that future opportunities lie with the Global Travel Media Alliance and am excited about working together.
  • Given the new by-laws and Board structure, I would work to ensure that two-way communication pathways are in place between the Board, Councils and members.
  • Work to help the travel industry and media outlets appreciate the value of what SATW can offer.



  • Being involved has always been a priority, and I am now in a position to fully commit to the time and energy this position and that of President, require.
  • As we deal with the devastation of Covid19, to put members needs and concerns first.
  • To listen carefully to Board colleagues, Chapter and Council Chairs.
  • To support the best ideas to secure and improve the future of SATW.
  • To provide a Canadian voice at the Board level.


For now, this is ‘listening and learning’ time for me when I would like to hear from members who wants to share thoughts and ideas. I believe that with enormous challenges come exciting opportunities.
#SATW stronger together.