2021-2022 Society Secretary Candidates

Rob Gard

Rob Gard - Destination Madison - Rob Gard

Travel and tourism are in uncharted waters following the global pandemic we are still navigating. To move forward, our industry needs deep cooperation and collaboration between DMOs, Industry Partners, and, of course, travel writers. The experience of leading communications for Destination Madison in Madison, WI, as well as being a travel and lifestyle writer, uniquely positions me to understand both the needs of our industry and the needs of individuals who tell our travel stories.


My role as board secretary will not only be to document board conversations and actions, but to also provide this dual insight and perspective to help drive board discussions and decisions. Though I’ve been an SATW member for less than three years, I’ve quickly involved myself into the Society’s mission. I lobbied Destination Madison to be a sponsor of the El Paso conference in 2019, and I am currently a member of the SATW DEAI committee. In the latter role, I am immersed in efforts to ensure the work we do as Travel Communicators tells a fair and representative story and helps provide a platform for voices too often overlooked or marginalized in the past.


The lessons learned through the DEAI committee will infuse the work I do as SATW Secretary. From a practical perspective, I am on or have been on the board of several organizations including PRSA-Madison, Alternative Travel Project, Colorado College Alumni Association Board and Miracle Mile Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. Those roles provide the foundation for me to quickly and effectively step into the SATW Secretary board position. Thank you for the opportunity to become the next SATW Board Secretary. I would greatly appreciate your consideration and your vote to be an associate’s voice with an active’s spirit on the SATW Board.

Anna Hobbs

Anna 08_13_b - Small - Anna Hobbs

Diligently taking notes at Board meetings and turning them into succinct minutes may not be anyone’s idea of the world’s sexiest job but documenting what is said and done is imperative to keep SATW moving forward. Accountability is at the core of the Secretary’s job, one for which I feel particularly qualified. I served for four years as Canadian Chapter Chair and as such was a member of the Board, familiar with how the Board operates and the role and time commitment of the Secretary.


I am an experienced journalist, for whom accuracy and detail are cornerstones. Currently I am involved as a co-founder, along with Catharine Hamm, of the successful SATW Coaching for Writers program introduced earlier this year. Secretary offers me an opportunity to give even more to the Society, which has enhanced my skills and contributed to my success as a writer and editor. I can never repay that debt of gratitude, but I hope, if elected Secretary, I can at least make a down payment. Thank you for your consideration and, I hope, your vote.