How to Make Money From a Press Trip



With traditional freelancing at one end of the spectrum and paid influencer campaigns at the other, this session will explore the creative ground in between. You’ll get takeaways that will help you turn your next press trip into more than just “one and done.”


Takeaways include:


  • How to create revenue streams for your blog or website that make your time away pay for itself.
  • How to create revenue streams from social media.
  • How to use content marketing to increase your income.
  • Tips on how to republish and repurpose your content.




SATW’s 2020 President-elect Larry Bleiberg has served on a Pulitzer Prize team and won eight Lowell Thomas awards, including best newspaper travel section as the Dallas Morning News editor. He also won Travel Classics’ Switzerland contest for his story “The Clock that Changed the Meaning of Time.” He writes for AARP, USA Today and Better Homes and Gardens; contributes to Los Angeles Times, Private Clubs, Delta Sky; along with National Geographic books, including Great American Eating Experiences. The former Coastal Living editor founded




Keryn Means is a freelance writer and digital influencer living outside of Washington, DC. Her work has been featured in Travel Age West magazine,, ParentMap Magazine,,, and many more print and digital publications looking for quality, well-researched content. Keryn launched Walking On Media, LLC, as the parent company to, and she has worked with destinations and
brands on digital-influencer projects to create authentic messages that resonate with millennial and Gen X travelers, especially moms who don’t want to let go of their travel dreams. In 2017, Keryn launched Twist Travel magazine, a print and digital magazine that helps parents design a travel-inspired life by bringing travel back into the home through décor, personal style, kid gear, and of course, getting out and seeing the world.


A full-time travel writer for nearly 25 years, Diana Lambdin Meyer has witnessed much of the evolution of travel journalism firsthand and somehow survived. Along with her husband and photographer, Bruce, also an SATW member, Diana has been published in a variety of newspapers, magazines and significant digital media around the world, proving that two full-time freelancers can pay for a house and send a child to college with the right
strategies. Diana has been named Mark Twain Travel Writer of the Year three times by the Midwest Travel Journalists Association, but a Lowell Thomas award remains elusive. Is this the year? Follow Diana on Twitter and Instagram @mojotraveler. The site she and Bruce maintain is

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